Wellness Talk: Liver Health through Chinese Medicine


According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) theories, spring is a great time to improve liver health. On April 22, registered Chinese medicine practitioner Ms Clara CHAN gave an insightful wellness talk on liver health to the HKUST community.

From a TCM perspective, Dr CHAN explained that the liver is interconnected with different organs. As the largest organ in the human body, the liver regulates bile secretion, stores blood, ensures a smooth supply of energy and blood, and connects to the tendons, nails, and eyes. When the yin-yang balance of the liver is disrupted – mostly due to stress or emotions – we may experience chronic headaches, high blood pressure, vision impairment and other physical symptoms.

During the talk, Dr CHAN also emphasized the importance of identifying signs of compromised liver health and shared practical tips on how to improve our liver health through stress and emotional management, eating a healthy diet, and develop a healthy lifestyle of adequate rest and exercise to maintain proper Qi and blood flow.

Watch the full recording here to learn more about liver health.